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"Guido's Birthday"

Sunday June 16, 2013 17:45

I'm looking back and I can see my whole life ...
and I'm at peace, because I lived it my way ...
(My Way)
Guido has twenty years but not an ordinary kid. With a degree of autism went through several schools, often within your home and art found a way of expression. From childhood began to imitate great artists and the day he came of age to show their characters in public. Today is the protagonist of the documentary by Sebastian Tambutto "My birthday" and Flop were in the filming of his presentation.
The night of Guido

Guido Capra is twenty and psychiatric pathology can be defined as a degree of autism. But, with the unconditional support of his family and a character that does not support negative, found in art a means of expression and improving their quality of life.

Rodolfo and Maria Jose are the parents of Guido and walk Rumbo caring details of what will be the night. In short, almost a hundred guests fill the tables to enjoy the show that Guido prepared entirely from the design of the costumes to the order of the songs, without accepting changes in their scheme.
This is the second presentation to the public, mainly family and friends-of Guido. The first was just his 18th birthday and this time kept the grid of characters with some variations. Rodolfo tells us that the whole process is in the hands of this artist outsider-as then defined Tambutto. Guido is responsible for the selection of the characters, the study of them through YouTube videos, designing costumes and armed with the performance.

Before we get to Guido who is in the process of makeup and composition of their characters. "In this show imitate Sara Montiel, Marlene Dietrich, Leah Cruzet, Barbara Streisand, Liza Minelli and Tita Merello. I really like. Prepare watching videos where the characters sing and dance. Clothes I designed it and I send the pictures to the dressmaker, "he says, and when asked about whether he's nervous shoots quiet:" No, quite the opposite. "
The show begins with Sara Montiel, in a couple of scenes from the movie "Last Tango" to continue representing Marlene Dietrich "Lili Marlene". The laughs come with the representation of the Peruvian singer Guido found on the web, called "The Tigress of the East" and Lia Cruzet, the remembered "Tettamanti". Julie Andrews, with a scene from the movie Mary Poppins, Barba Streisand with "Yes, Baby" and Liza Minelli are inevitable closing the evening. In the meantime, the actor Juan Carlos Nozzi introduces each of the songs, not to mention significant details of the life of each of these women.
Finish the night, Guido removes makeup in a mirror located in a corner of the stage, background sounds María Marta Serralima singing the hymn "My Way". Many of these excited cry. Gradually Guido Guido is again grateful and excited to present your company.

The back of the documentary
Throughout the show's cameras artist collective "Lost Toys" have not stopped moving and capture everything. Is that this meeting is actually part of the backstage of the new documentary by Sebastian nicoleño Tambutto, who is in the middle of filming of "My Meet", where Guido is the protagonist and shows art as a way to improve the quality of life of individuals. In a break, tell us a little about Guido and this whole project.
Tell us about the story of Guido and as it came to you ...
I was filming a movie that was to take place after "The Air and Nostalgia". Years ago I know Guido parents and one day I tell the story of previous birthday and ask me to help them build on this year. I speak with Maria Jose and I say, "Let's make a movie about this." I already had planned in my third film treat the subject of autism. Besides, I always found very interesting outsider artists, which is what is Guido. When studying medicine was already talking about what the Arterapia, art as quality of life, and when I raised them film the movie, we started mounting the show. The idea was to film the whole process to get to what happened today, so will be called "My birthday".

How did the process to begin filming Guido and tell their life?
It was interesting because the first time we left the cameras on but half the camouflaged. Already the second time, and began to play with the camera and then adapted it in the process. How had a previous relationship, ya know, it was not necessary to conduct an interview with the psychologist. The idea was to help put together the show. 90% of what you see tonight Guido did. He is the artist and no way to change things. The choose-one help.
When will be presenting "My Meets?
The idea is to do as we did with "The Air and Nostalgia", presented at the Film Festival Unusual what is known as WIP (work in progress).

by Virginia Bertetti - FLop-


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